Welcome to Twisted Supervision

Twisted Supervision has been formed to help VTC's with all their events needs, not only do we offer Convoy Control,
but we also offer the Full Package so your drivers can sit back and enjoy the full convoy experience behind the wheel.
We have a fully trained team that will announce over CB a friendly welcome message to remind people of server guidelines and rules where applicable whilst posting out messages using in game chat.
Our events staff will help with departure orders in situations where a TMP game moderator is unavailable, ensuring everyone leaves and arrives safely.
We also provide a fully trained and professional convoy control team who will post regular, easy to read messages along the route ensuring all your members and guests reach the final destination without issues.

What's superior about Twisted Supervision compared to others you may ask?
Our team are ultimately reliable and outstandingly efficient, we always go the extra mile to ensure each save is tailored with the correct vehicle ensuring there are no mistakes in the final presentation.
We double-check everything and test each route the day before the event.

What we Ask and Expect

  • 1) We ask that you request our services no earlier than 3 months before the proposed event date and no less than 4 weeks before the event date. This must be done using our ticket system in discord.
  • 2) All our staff must be treated with respect at all times, If you have feedback or need to tell us something then open a feedback & support ticket, this type of ticket is in direct contact with the founder, all feedback & support tickets are kept strictly confidential.
  • 3) You must never directly message any member from Synergy or your requests will be declined and your VTC potentially barred from using our services, We aim to answer all requests within 24 hours.
  • Disclaimer: last-minute updates from TMP can happen from time to time and sadly these can break the saves we make, in that case, we cannot be held responsible for this, should this happen. We will however provide rolling convoy control in these unfortunate circumstances.

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