About Us

A group of approximately 17 of us got together and decided to form our own VTC (Virtual Trucking Company) using the Euro Truck simulator 2 multiplayer modification TruckersMP. We started on March 3rd 2022 and decided to be different from all the other VTC's that we had been part of previously by being friendly, relaxed and add our own twist here and there. This was the day Twisted Transport was formed.

Since March 3rd 2022 we have now grown to approximately 200 members which is a huge achievement and something none of us ever expected to happen. We have achieved a verified status from Truckers MP which is recognition for being a professionally run community and are proud to now be hosting our own large charity convoys raising vital funding for those in need.

Here at Twisted Transport we are not just a VTC we are a gaming community and when we are not trucking around Europe or America, we also like to play other games as a group.




My name is David, I enjoy spending time playing simulation games and Call of Duty with friends near and far. I also enjoy a game of snooker, a pint and going on holidays with the family.

Founder's Wife


My Name is Linzi, I enjoy playing ETS, ATS and any horror games. I also enjoy a good horror movie and family breaks away with the family and friends.



Hi i'm Brian, i like to play sim driving games such as ETS2, TSW4, Snowrunner, I also like to play open world games such as Minecraft and The Forest.



Hello my name is Chris, I love playing ETS2, ATS and Fifa. I enjoy cooking and spending time with family and friends in and out of the vtc.

High Staff


Hi my name is Linus, I like to play simulator games and in my spare time i like to do some jet ski`ng. I also have a keen interest in graphic Design.